Welcome to the Law Office of Loren L. Gold, P.A


"I have been representing the injured for over 25 years and have built a successful Personal Injury Law practice by treating clients with integrity and fairness while managing and solving the complex legal issues presented by each particular accident case.

Many of my clientele have been referred by other clients, the legal and medical community, friends, and family who have entrusted me with taking care of the people they and I care about most.

Each situation and case is different and unique and I strive to guide my clients through the challenging issues of every case, taking my role to heart.

As a result, through the years and several thousand cases my clients have received damages that total over 20 million dollars.

Please contact me to discuss your concerns."


- Loren L. Gold





Loren Gold is a Personal Injury lawyer in Plantation, Florida, who can assist with all car accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, and work related cases. Located in Broward County, he serves state wide in Florida and can also represent your interests as either your Personal Attorney or as Co-Counsel in any other matter.