Car Accident


The aftermath of a car accident can involve the stress of medical bills, lost wages, physical and emotional pain, and the involvement of police and insurance companies. 

In order to achieve the best possible outcome after a car accident, we highly recommend you seek competent representation that you can trust as soon as possible.

Due in large part to his experience as a claims adjuster for Traveler's, Loren Gold has an incisive and unique understanding of the language of insurance policies, which has enabled him to both expand coverage for clients for whom it was initially limited and establish coverage for clients for whom it was initially denied.

Furthermore, Loren Gold has extensive experience successfully arguing against the insurance company's defense that his client's physical or mental suffering are unrelated to their accident, which is known as medical causation. 





Car Accident



"I Endorse This Lawyer!


I met Mr. Gold after a major car accident I was involved in. The driver who hit my car was unlicensed and uninsured.

Mr. Gold worked with my auto and health insurance companies to guarantee I received the full-coverage and benefits of my vehicle and medical expenses. I would have been lost without him.

Mr. Gold was such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire car accident ordeal, from finding me just the right doctors, to staying on top all of the claims and overwhelming amounts of paperwork that accompanied.

In the end, Mr. Gold was able to collect the maximum payouts from my insurance companies ... cover all of my surgery, medical, recovery/physical therapy bills and negotiated with everyone so there was still funds leftover for myself. I owe him a debt of gratitude for all he accomplished!

I HIGHLY recommend Loren L. Gold for any legal matters you may require."



Case Studies

1: My client was a UPS driver who had a non-work related car accident. He suffered a wrist injury, due to the accident, that affected his ability to work, as his job required him to lift fairly heavy packages. We were able to prove to the defense that his wrist problems were caused by his accident and not from lifting at work. The recovery we earned from this case was enough to cover all of his past and future medical bills, compensate him for his unpaid time missed from work, and pain and suffering.



Sample Cases

  • Car accident; 2017 | $100,000 | Torn Miniscus| BI and UIM


  • Car accident; 2017 | $150,000 | Fractured Pelvis and Sacrum| Biciclyst with Disputed Liability| BI and UIM
  • Car Accident; 2012 | Jaw and Dental Fractures | $172,000 | Pedestrian
  • Car Accident; 2011 | Fractured Arm and Wrist | $110,000 | Passenger
  • Car Accident; 2010 | Fractured Ribs and Punctured Lung  | $240,000 | Passenger
  • Car Accident; 2009 | Neck and Back Injuries | $137,500 |  Moderate Property Damage
  • Car Accident; 2008 | Neck and Shoulder Injuries | $100,000 |  Minimal Property Damage
  • Car Acicdent; 2007 | Shoulder, Wrist and Knee Injuries | $117,500 | Bicyclist
  • Car Accident; 2007 | Neck, Back and Knee Injuries  | $110,000 | Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Car Accident; 2003 | Herniated Disc in Neck | $250,000 | Minimal Property Damage


Fee Information:


We offer a free initial consultation and do not charge if your case does not recover. If we recover on your case, our contingency fees are 33 % to 40 %.








Loren Gold is a Personal Injury lawyer in Plantation, Florida, who can assist with all car accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, and work related cases. Located in Broward County, he serves state wide in Florida and can also represent your interests as either your Personal Attorney or as Co-Counsel in any other matter.