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I represent accident victims and family members for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in a wide range of cases. These cases include motor vehicle negligence and non motor vehicle negligence. They are non work related as well as work related with negligent third parties.

Motor vehicle cases include: car, truck, semi tractor trailer, bus, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and pedestrian / motor vehicle accidents.

Non-motor vehicle cases include: slip and fall, trip and fall, crane and forklift accidents, hazardous conditions, defective and dangerous products, industrial and construction accidents, construction defects, improper design, mechanical and electrical failure, electrocution and burns, being struck by falling objects, falls from roofs, ladders, scaffolding and through unguarded openings.

Work Related Accidents have a connection to employment and have negligent third parties which can be pursued outside of the Workers' Compensation system.




Loren Gold is a Personal Injury lawyer in Plantation, Florida, who can assist with all car accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, and work related cases. Located in Broward County, he serves state wide in Florida and can also represent your interests as either your Personal Attorney or as Co-Counsel in any other matter.