Work Related Third Party Claims


Work related third party claims involve workplace negligence committed by parties other than the employer.


In general, employers are immune and can't be sued for negligence by a worker covered by workers' compensation insurance; however, workers are able to bring claims against other parties who do not have workers' comp immunity.


For example, during work, an employee is the victim of a slip and fall accident, so they pursue a workers' comp claim. However, the negligent party is an outside maintenance company that failed to safely maintain the working premises, resulting in the slip and fall.


A third party claim can be pursued against the maintenance company and possibly others, simaltaneously as the workers' compensation claim.


The defendants in the third party claim are subject to paying other damages, such as as pain and suffering, disfigurement and additional lost wage benefits, which are not available through the comp system, thus affording the injured worker remedies for compensation otherwise not available.


The same analysis holds true for a wide variety of other work related accidents, including those involving motor vehicles.


We strongly suggest to those who are either filing or considering filing a work related third party claim to contact us as soon as possible.


Significant Cases


  • Work Related Fall From Scaffold; 2016 | Back Surgery | $188,000
  • Work Related Forklift Accident; 2011 | Foot Fractures | $100,000                             
  • Work Related Truck Accident; 2010 | Mild Brain Injury and Facial Fractures | $ 500,000
  • Work Related Fall, Unrailed Stairs; 2005 | Facial/ Elbow and Arm Fractures | $ 288,000         


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